This cat thinking long and hard before hitting the dog is an all-time classic

If you only watch one funny cat (and dog) video today then make it this one.

It’s an all-time classic of the genre which has just gone viral on Reddit all over again after it was shared by WhenMathGetsYou who said: ‘A cat thinks long before hitting a dog.’

Just 36 seconds of sheer perfection.

‘Dog totally knew it was coming, too.’ LipstickRevenge

‘Clearly not the first time it happened, the dog’s expression says it all lol.’ ThatOneWhoSparkles

“She’s about hit me isn’t she? Give me a sign, chuckle if she’s about to hit me.” rmoss20

To conclude …

‘That’s priceless. The commentary makes it even better!’ jrebute


‘Anyone in any doubt who the coolest Beatle was, read this George Harrison story …’

Source Reddit u/WhenMathGetsYou YouTube

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