Piers Morgan skewering Matt Hancock for his pandemic performance is today’s must-see interview

Matt Hancock has been doing the rounds of the media, brazening out the fact that he was found to have acted unlawfully by not publishing details of PPE contracts largely awarded to ministers’ friends.

He bounced from Zoom to Zoom, claiming there was no national PPE shortage and trying to justify his department’s choices.

When he faced Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, he wriggled for all he was worth, but stayed well and truly on the hook.

Hancock stuck out his brass neck still further with this astonishing refusal to admit he should have done anything differently.

We sense another government boycott of Good Morning Britain in 3 …2 …1 …

Matt Hancock had some supporters.

However, most people were stunned at the Health Secretary’s attitude and glad to see him being held to account, even if it rankled for some to find themselves in agreement with Piers Morgan.

In conclusion –

You can watch the full segment here. It’s eleven minutes well spent.


Watch this Tory minister’s excruciating reverse ferret after Piers Morgan recapped her response

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