Comeback of the day

Very possibly you follow reality TV show The Bachelor a little bit more closely than we do. Even if you’ve accidentally stumbled across one second of it while changing channels, you’re following it more closely than we are.

Anyway, we only mention it after this comeback went viral on Reddit. It’s not entirely new, as you’ll see, but it’s very well done.

‘Waddaya say, then?’ said Redditor beerbellybegone who shared it.

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘It’s weird how they all look different yet completely the same.’ Salamqnder

‘And the same as the previous 24 bachelors.’ hanginonwith2fingers

‘The rivalry between v necks and open collars will be strong.’ siandresi

‘”I would describe myself as being original and eclectic, definitely my own man.” — all of them.’ spongeworthy1967

‘Literally looks like 4 brothers pictures lined up on top of Grandma‚Äôs piano.’ Redditsavage77

‘And every time their parents see them, they remember how much braces cost.’ PerilousAll


Finally, someone found something useful to do with a leaf blower

Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone

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