People can’t quite get on board with this alternative ending to Titanic

If you haven’t seen the ending of Titanic – spoiler alert, it sinks and Jack dies. But also, Kate Winslet’s character, now played by Gloria Stuart, secretly returns her priceless pendant to the icy depths.

Over on Twitter, Pat Brennan shared a genuine alternative ending, in which the deed is not done in secret, but in front of Bill Paxton’s treasure hunter character, Brock Lovett – which, by the way, might be the most American name in the history of cinema.

A lot of people agreed with Pat.

Of course, some would have preferred this cut.

Someone had an idea for a sequel.

We could get on board with that.

Whichever ending you prefer, never forget that Britney Spears ended up getting the necklace as a gift in the ‘Oops, I did it again’ video.

And she deserves it.


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