That Titanic argument about Rose’s door has finally been settled in a hilarious TikTok

Since the blockbuster’s release in 1997, people have been arguing over whether Rose should have let Jack get onto the door instead of leaving him in the freezing water to die of the cold.

Now, the debate is finally over, as funny TikToker @mrsmedeiros proves it was never an option.


A very timely and important take. ##LegendaryChallenge ##smirk ##comedy ##humor ##funny

♬ My Heart Will Go On – Constantin Moscovici

You can’t argue with science – unless you’re an anti-masker, anti-vaxxer, flat-earther, climate change denier or in charge of the coronavirus response for the British or American governments.

But, apart from that …

The clip made its way to Twitter – inevitably.

School of Strut expressed what so many people must have felt on seeing the sketch.

Don’t worry – we’re sure your hearts will go on.


“If people today were on the Titanic” is 58 seconds very well spent

Source @mrsmedeiros Image @mrsmedeiros

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