‘Spent 5 mins putting booties on our dog …’ and it goes exactly as well as you’d expect

This lovely video of a family going the extra mile to make sure their dog doesn’t get cold paws in the snow went viral on Reddit because it goes exactly was well as you’d expect.

‘Wife spent 5 mins putting booties on our dog …’ said Redditor antibacterialsoap who shared it.


And just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘Oh wow you guys got all 4 booties on? I gave up after 2.’ d4wnn

‘I bought them and never even tried to get them on …’ plantlady73

‘Time clearly well spent.’ jlmckelvey91

‘Those boots clearly aren’t made for walkin’.’ strangeelement

Perhaps this person has the solution.

‘I went through many pairs of booties that just don’t stay on. I know it sounds silly but the only thing that worked were rubber balloons. They are cheap, you can get a whole bag of them. They stay on and they work … slip them onto their paws like socks =-).’ tjaym17

Or perhaps not.


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Source Reddit u/antibacterialsoap YouTube

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