The machine that does the ‘annual orange tree shake in Valencia’ is absolutely wild

No-one’s ever asked us how they collect orange trees in Valencia. But in the unlikely event that they had, we definitely wouldn’t have answered this.

Because this is how. And it’s wild.

An extremely satisfying watch.

The clip also went viral on Reddit after it was shared by mahtabshuv and here are a few of the things people said (and asked) about it.

‘Are people allowed to take ripe oranges from the trees prior to harvesting?’ Randy_Butternubs666

‘They are from a bitter variant only suitable for doing marmalade, but yes, you are allowed to grab them.’ philsmock

‘Last part of the video the truck be like: “I AM BATMAN!”‘ CTHULHU_RDT

It was shared in the subReddit ‘oddly satisfying’ except not everyone was impressed.

‘So this did not satisfy everywhere .., on the ground and on a tree… ‘ ziki666

‘Wait, there’s a couple still on the tree. Oh shit, a whole bunch are on the ground! Now they’re in the street! Ugh! Don’t drive over them! Nononono!’ deucemagnet

To conclude …

‘Tree goes brrrrrrrrrr.’ Adam_Gill_1965


‘The Dolmio Family doing the “funny how?” scene from Goodfellas’

Source @crk5 Reddit u/mahtabshuv

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