Ted Cruz said the Paris climate agreement was about the ‘citizens of Paris’ – 6 brutal takedowns

It’s the first full day of Joe Biden’s presidency and Republican presidential wannabe Ted Cruz is already out there hitting him with his best shots.

Except instead of laying a glove on Biden, Cruz succeeded only in punching himself squarely in the face when he took to Twitter to criticise Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris climate change agreement.

That’s right. Ted Cruz really did say the Paris agreement was about protecting the citizens of Paris, rather than being the capital city where the agreement was reached.

And it prompted no end of mockery as you might imagine. These 6 responses say it best.

There was another theory, that Cruz knows exactly what the Paris agreement was about – he just thinks his followers don’t.

But if that was the idea, it’s fair to say it backfired.

And just in case you’re still in any doubt Ted …


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Source @SenTedCruz

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