This idiot arguing against universal healthcare got the burn he truly deserved

Over on the aptly named r/MurderedByWords forum on Reddit, u/Iangator has shared this screenshot of a deliciously savage takedown of someone trying to argue against universal healthcare.

This was the zinger he thought he’d made.

And this clapback was everything.

Redditors loved it.

It’s amazing to me that someone can pay taxes, manage a household, hold a job, and yet be so clueless when it comes to other things.

“it’s people financing other people’s problems”

That almost sounds like what my insurance premiums do now.

Damn some people are just straight up heartless and selfish.

What goes around always will come back around, I hope to God this evil psychopath never needs help from anyone!!!

Do people even realise what makes a civilization a civilization?

Reddit user, u/nightmuzak reminded everyone of a similar argument – and why it’s really stupid.

“Why do my taxes pay for schools when I don’t have kids? What possible downside could there be for me if we end up with a generation of dumbasses?”


‘Accidentally left wing’

Source r/MurderedByWords Image @kmitchhodge on Unsplash

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