The Guy Who Decides Horoscopes is totally believeable – ironically

Comedian Jimmy Rees has an explanation for so many of the random things in life – such as why things are packaged the way they are, or some of the more bizarre rules around Covid-19.

Everything is decided by a drunk guy with an ego the size of a planet. Here he is, sorting out the thorny subject of autocorrect.


Full vid on my YouTube 😂😂😂!!! Gotta live auto cucumber … I mean cucumber… duck… CUCUMBER … I give up

♬ original sound – JimmyRees

It doesn’t get much more random than astrology, so drunk egotistical guy works perfectly for that, too. If you don’t believe us – watch.


YouTubers enjoyed his predictions.

We agree with Jacob Churchill.

We expect lots more funny stuff from Jimmy Rees.


‘The guy who decides autocorrect’ is hilariously believable

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