‘The guy who decides autocorrect’ is hilariously believable

Australian children’s entertainer and comedian, Jimmy Rees, has given us several videos revealing how packaging is decided, including this festive one that will surely strike a chord with us all.


Christmas Edition PART 1 … like for part 2,3 & 4 coming soon 😂😂😂!! ##thepackagingguy ##packagingguy ##packaging ##christmas ##lols ##fyp

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On a similar vein, he has now shown how the same process is used to decide how autocorrect works, and it’s the most hilariously convincing scenario.

YouTube users loved it.

Love it. His equally wrong, less drunk and much cleaner cousin lives in my phone.
tippytoe jo screddy

As did those who saw it on TikTok.

“Stop messing around, Jason – she’s getting murdered.”


‘The Guy Who Decides Packaging’ is funny because it’s so true

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