This sketch of ‘your aunt’ at the Clap for Heroes is the lift lockdown needed

With all nations of the UK now in lockdown, Clap for Carers has been reignited – that moment at 8pm on Thursdays when people applaud those on the frontline of the coronavirus battle – although it has been renamed ‘Clap for Heroes’.

The news received mixed reactions, ranging from indifference to anger.

Here are a few of the things people had to say about it on Twitter.

Whether you’re happy about Clap for Heroes or not, there’s one clear upside, and that’s the return of Will Hislop‘s brutally funny comedy sketches on the topic.

“I’m in need of a project and I’m all out of jigsaws.” is the best ‘Karen’ threat we’ve ever seen.

People were very happy to see Will’s smug face again – as the character, of course.

There was even a nod from the police.

Because she’s an icon of our time, here are a few more of Will’s videos, featuring “your aunt”.

One final word from Labour’s Angela Rayner.


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