Munya Chawawa’s parody of the rioters breaching the Capitol is both funny and tragic

One of the most striking things about Wednesday’s insurrection on Capitol Hill was the way the police handled the almost exclusively white rioters, when compared to the treatment of Black Lives Matter protestors.

Some police officers posed for selfies.

Others removed barriers and allowed the mob to pass.


Group just pushed Capitol police

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Comedian, rapper and singer, Munya Chawawa, brought his biting satire to bear on the situation, and he completely nailed it.


America right now 🇺🇸 ##fyp ##fy ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – Munya Chawawa

We thought it was another winner. TikTok agreed.

As a bonus, here’s his version of the government’s good news about the vaccine.

Munya for PM.


Munya Chawawa rinsing Nigel Farage at the pub is the comedy content we all need

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