The inside of this dog’s ear went viral because it looks uncannily likes Donald Trump

‘The inside of my dog’s ear looks a bit like Trump’s profile,’ said Doc_Webb over on Reddit.

It turns out they’re not kidding.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Wow, that’s trippy. Like a caricature of him.’ recyclediva

‘It’s not actually that surprising, as pretty much every antihelical fold (the inner part of the ear that has the Trump look) looks an awful lot like humans. I guess the hair on the top makes this one a bit more incredible though. Man, I’m glad that my biology degree from the 60s is finally coming back into some use – I had to stop pursuing a career in biology once I got struck off the register when the board found out that I used to regularly thrash my son Roger with rusty jumper cables. Biology is always fascinating, though.’ papasimon10

‘So Trump just naturally looks like the folds inside a dog’s ear?’ Captain_Saftey

‘Poor doggo hears a constant dog whistle.’ Evil Cackle2


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Source Reddit u/Doc_Webb

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