12 times the customer was very, very wrong

It’s a saying that’s drilled into anyone who works with the general public: the customer is all right. Although, anyone who’s ever dealt with customers knows that’s far from correct.

With that in mind, here are 12 customers who were very, very wrong:


1. This customer who belongs in the misunderstanding hall of fame:

Source: @dominos


2. This customer who had an awkward encounter:

Source: @ladyhaja


3. These customers who didn’t know what a bay leaf was:

Reddit: r/facepalm


4. This customer who got suffered a bakery mishap:

Source: @JakeBunyan4


5. This customer who had some size issues:

Source: r/facepalm


6. This customer who forgot something very important:


7. This customer who won’t be trying on clothes again anytime soon:

Source: @n_brayshaw


8. This customer who misunderstood the concept of Lego:

Source: r/facepalm


9. This customer who was mistunderstood: 


10. This customer who asked an incredibly dumb question:

Source: r/facepalm


11. This customer who needed way too much details:

Source: r/facepalm


12. And finally, this customer who had a cringe-worthy travel experience: 

Source: @livmace



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