14 terrible landlords who perfectly sum up the nightmare of renting

From the absurdly high prices to the feeling of being unable to ever truly put your own mark on your space, renting can be a nightmare. Making things all the more horrific is the possibility of having a terrible landlord.

With that being said, just be thankful that you’re not renting from any of these 14 landlords:

1. This landlord who made some unwanted home “improvements”:

2. This landlord who gave the worst possible gift:

3. This landlord who wanted photographic evidence:

idiotic landlord from facepalm

4. This landlord who tried to save on heating:

5. This landlord who had a unique reaction to receiving the rent:

6. This landlord who needs to work on their DIY skills:

This is how the landlord fixed the leaky ceiling. from funny

7. This landlord who asked the dumbest question:

8. This landlord who put safety last:

9. This landlord who wanted every last penny:

10. This landlord who had some interesting designs choices:

When I told my landlord my shower head was leaking, he said he was going to hook me up. This is what I came home to. from pics

11. This landlord who tried to outlaw flavour:

12. This landlord who offered the least amount of help:

13. This landlord who found a way to make more money:

Landlord charges residents to use the elevator. from rage

14. And finally, this landlord who sent the worst possible eviction notice:


If you’re having a bad day, just be thankful you’re not one of these 19 people