If you’re having a bad day, just be thankful you’re not one of these 19 people

Everyone has their good days and their bad days, and for these 19 people, it’s definitely the latter. So no matter how your day is going, take comfort in the fact that you’ve not been on the receiving end of these mishaps…

1. This person who had their food stolen by a passer-by:

2. This train passenger who though he’s made a huge mistake:

3. This person who didn’t read the invite:

4. And this person who got pulled over at the worst possible time:

5. This sister who got the wrong end of the stick:

6. This person who seriously needs to get their eyes tested:

7. This guy who fell asleep with chocolate chip cookies in his bed:


8. This Person trying to retrieve their cat:

9. This person who parked their car in the worst possible location:

10. This person who took stupidity to a whole new level:

11. This person who needs to find a new dentist: 

12. This person who didn’t get the snack they were expecting:

13. This grandad who tried fixing up his grandaughter’s doll:

14. This person who attached the wrong CV:

15. This boss who made a fatal Zoom error:

16. This person who just wanted a nice photo:

17. This person who is in need of some new jeans:

18. This guy who didn’t think his outfit through:

19. And finally, this person who had a very unusual ironing mishap: 


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