This sliding door is so badly designed it’s hilarious (and infuriating)

Here’s a funny watch for anyone who takes pleasure in someone else’s misfortune – we’re looking at you – but it’s also utterly exasperating because … who the hell designed this and thought it was a good idea?

Stick with it, because it’s all about the punchline.

I don’t blame him. Which f’ing monster designed that door.? from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

The clip was shared on Reddit by Chasith and here are just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘The comedic timing of that door is impeccable.’ TiedMyDickInAKnot

‘Must have been a hard impact because the girl even turned to look.’ xwhocares3x

‘Pure comedy when he takes the shades off in disbelief as the other door slides open.’ Independent_Mistake2

In fairness it was above an emergency exit, like they’re meant to be. Door just wasn’t clear (or was clear depending on how you see it 😅).
Edit: thinking about it, it’s not the safest design to have an electric sliding door opening into an escape route that could have someone there.’ Downtown_Let


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Source Reddit u/Chasith

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