This devastating takedown of a Republican senator over Covid-19 went viral because it’s so brutal

We have to confess we hadn’t come across Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff before, nor had we heard of the man he’s trying to unseat at next week’s elections, Republican Senator David Perdue.

But we’re unlikely to forget him in a hurry after this devastating takedown in an election debate over Perdue’s record on Covid-19 and healthcare (among other things).

It went viral because it’s like a particularly gruesome kill in a David Attenborough documentary and it’s 72 seconds very well spent.


And just a few of the things people were saying about it …

And then – guess what? – this happened.

We’re with this person.

To conclude.


Fox News said their ‘damning’ Biden documents got lost in the post and the takedowns were 1st class

Source Twitter @ossoff