Joe Biden’s link to Trump’s Covid-19 “plan” is the most savage burn of the election campaign

It’s often the case that the simplest takedowns are the best, and this crushing own of Donald Trump‘s coronavirus response by his rival, Joe Biden, is an unembellished delight.

When the curious clicked on the link, this is what they saw.

from Burn GIFs via Gfycat

Clicking ‘Learn more’ led to other damning pages, including these:

It’s well worth clicking through to see the whole timeline of incompetence.

Here are a few reactions to the takedown.

However, as much as we might enjoy seeing a light shone on Trump’s appalling handling of the crisis, this tweet from Mark Ruffalo reminds us that it’s important to remember the effects of the administration’s failure.


Joe Biden had the perfect comeback after Donald Trump mocked him for listening to scientists

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