Nicky Morgan said Tories might have agreed to extra school meals if one hadn’t been called “scum”

Of all the reasons to vote down an attempt to make sure children don’t go hungry – and we’ve yet to hear one that wasn’t sociopathic – this one from Nicky Morgan has to be the most pathetic.

This is the incident in question, in case you need the “previously in politics” reel.

Who are the snowflakes meant to be, again? As Labour MP Bridget Phillipson said –

So, kids go hungry this Christmas because you don’t like the parliamentary process.

What can we say about that? Nothing that these people haven’t covered.






Sticks and stones may break their bones but kids will still go hungry.


Piers Morgan just schooled Nicky Morgan and people are shocked to find themselves cheering him

Source BBC Image Screengrab, Anna Auza on Unsplash