The joy of this dog after it has its prosthetic legs fitted is the content we needed right now

This is just a lovely watch and exactly what we needed at the end of a long week.

It’s a video of a dog having two prosthetic legs fitted and it was shared on Reddit by Bmchris44.

the happiness of this dog after they put prostheses on him from r/aww

Absolute joy.

‘Thank you for posting this. I could feel his happiness and excitement so much.’ PurplePanda285

‘I’m gonna lick you!
I’m gonna lick you!!
I’m gonna lick you!!!
Hey, Cameraman, get over here. I’m gonna lick you, too!!!!’ terbear

‘He already seemed plenty happy even before they put it on him!’ UnpopularCrayon

‘I was gonna say— that dog was gonna be happy if you put a prosthetic on the wrong leg. Haha. But this is heartwarming. I’m not a monster.’ abzoni910


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Source Reddit u/Bmchris44