Steve Martin has got his Halloween costume ready – and we can’t see anyone beating it

Although social distancing is going to put the mockers on any Halloween party plans you might have had, people are still into the idea of dressing up – presumably so they can look the part for the spooky Zoom quiz.

We’ve been wondering what costumes could possibly be good enough for a year that’s already terrifying, and so far, we’ve some up with these:

Sexy Matt Hancock

An empty hand sanitiser dispenser – that you’ve just pressed

A lift companion with a dry cough

A packed Wetherspoons

A Trump landslide

However, comedian, actor, musician and absolute genius, Steve Martin, has come up with a costume that’s practical, funny, and absolutely nails 2020.

In case you’ve been asleep or too busy tending to your sourdough starter – this is what he’s replicating.

Here are a few of the many reactions to Steve’s ingenious “costume”.

And because somebody had to say it.


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Source Steve Martin Image Steve Martin, Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash