A Merseyside pub has been renamed The Three Bellends in protest at Covid rules – 6 ringing endorsements

A pub in New Brighton, Wirral, which falls under the Liverpool region’s tier 3 restrictions, has had a temporary change of name in protest at the measures.

What is usually The James Atherton is currently going by the impressive name of ‘The Three Bellends’, complete with a stunning new sign, featuring the PM, Dominic Cummings, and Matt Hancock.

The makeover was revealed by Daniel Davies, CEO of Rockpoint Leisure – which owns the pub and others in the area.

Jack Hunter, the graphic designer responsible for the sign, was shocked at the level of interest in the project he’d helped bring to life.

Twitter’s best Boris Johnson parody responded to the “honour”.

Here’s what other people thought of the move.







Daniel added a call to pub owners to join the creative protest, asking for other rebrand suggestions.

We particularly enjoyed these suggestions:

Finally, in true plague-response tradition, Jaime Carroll had a suggestion.

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