Ivanka Trump got her sister’s Twitter name wrong – on her birthday

As sisters so often do these days, when her younger sibling, Tiffany, turned 27 on Tuesday, Ivanka Trump sent her a message via Twitter.

Some people commented on the choice of a picture in which little Tiffany was clearly unhappy, and the fact that the birthday wishes were sent via social media – though they may well have exchanged more private messages.

But what wasn’t immediately obvious was that Ivanka tagged the wrong person. The real Tiffany Trump uses her middle initial in her Twitter name.

However, Tiffany retweeted her big sister’s message, so she’s probably not in the bad books – as long as the present was decent.

The tweet got thousands of interactions and we’d have felt sorry for the real account holder, but if you name your twitter account after a Trump, you get what you asked for.


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Source Indy100 Image Ivanka Trump, Screengrab