This ‘Swiss cheese defence’ is the perfect riposte for people picking holes in Covid safety advice

No matter how much scientific evidence suggests otherwise, there will always be people picking holes in government advice and regulations what to do during the pandemic.

It’s true that no single thing, such as wearing a mask, can guarantee 100% success rate.

But as this graphic very cleverly sums up – shared on Reddit by epidemiologist PHealthy – doing lots of different things can be very effective indeed.

And just a few of the things people were saying about it after it went viral on Reddit.

‘We use a “Swiss cheese” model all the time in aviation relating to accident prevention. Usually when accidents occur, the holes in a Swiss cheese model line up. You accept that there will be flaws in everything, human error, technical faults, factors on the day etc, but it’s about preventative measures to stop them lining up!’ gravity-f1ghter

‘This is a good illustration that your time is usually better spent adding another layer than trying to fix the gaps. If you’re already wearing a mask, don’t try and research the best kinds of mask to upgrade,instead maybe you start washing your hands more. If you’re already washing your hands plenty, then don’t worry about the best type of soap, or increasing the frequency further. Instead maybe it’s time to install your country’s track and trace app. A lot of medium quality interventions is better than one good one.’ no_PMs_please

‘It’s called defence in depth and has been around a long, long time. No contol layer on it’s own is perfect and free from the potential of failure so you have many layers. Even then, nothing will stop an advanced persistant threat it’s all about risk minimisation.’ CatchmeUpNextTime

‘I wish the avg person understood this. I’m soo tired of hearing “Well they wore a mask and distanced more than anyone and they still caught it and died. Therefore masks are usueless.” 😣
The person wearing a mask has lowered their risk AND yours!!! But thanks for killing them while YOU enjoyed your freedumbs!!! Man soo frustrating!! 😣’ HeDiedFourU

‘Well, I know what I’m making my next mask out of!’ Biddy_Bear


The musical guide to how this library works in the pandemic is magnificent (and catchy as hell)

Source Reddit u/PHealthy