A covidiot tried to use statistics to make an outrageous claim – the takedown was incredibly satisfying

If there’s one thing that seems to connect all the covidiots making grand statements on the internet, it’s that their arguments can be completely destroyed with facts.

One coronavirus conspiracy theorist tried to use statistics to back up their argument – and it went very badly for them. We have Reddit user Ben69420 to thank for the screengrab.

This was their claim. NB – NSFW.

And this was the splendid dissection of the statistics.

It started with an explanation of why the numbers must be incorrect.

There was a list of things that would also have to be true if the covidiot were right.

It ended with this insult.

Looks like the death rate just went up.

An absolute murder by incineration

The “murderer” may have found themselves a new career, if they spotted this response from u/Brownskikuca .

Where can I hire a word hitman? I need to despatch a science denier.


Covidiot of the Day

Source r/MurderedByWords Image r/MurderedByWords, Chris Liverani on Unsplash