“Tommy Robinson caught hiding in toilets on the plane to Spain” is 59 seconds very well spent

You’ve probably seen that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is making arrangements to live in Spain after an alleged arson attack on his wife’s house.

Twitter reacted with many, many jokes to the irony, but comedian Munya Chawawa used his considerable comedy skills to show us what might have happened on the flight, and it’s hilarious.

“Ok well, do stay in the toilets. You look very happy in your natural habitat.”

Twitter loved it – naturally.

We thought this deserved a tip of the hat.

It’s certainly not Munya’s first brilliant takedown of a racist – or even his second – so, as a bonus, here’s a beautiful example.


Munya Chawawa rinsing Nigel Farage at the pub is the comedy content we all need

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