Tommy Robinson’s own words used against him (again) in this hilarious sketch

Comedian Munya Chawawa has done what Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – Tommy Robinson to his fans – has failed to do since he’s been in the public eye.

He has made one of the EDL founder’s rants virtually coherent and very, very funny.

“I’m very sorry to ruin your race war pre-drinks but you can’t listen to music in here.”

from Burn GIFs via Gfycat

Munya’s edit removes most of the bile from the original – which nobody needs to see – and replaces it with fantastically scathing humour, which is why the sketch has been viewed almost 80,000 times in ten hours.

There have already been hundreds of messages of admiration, like these.

Singer Ella Eyre said what we were thinking.

We’ll be watching out for that. In the meantime, follow him for more great content.


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Munya Chawawa