Piers Morgan and Rudy Guiliani taking chunks out of each other on GMB is quite the watch

Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani has just been interviewed by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain and it didn’t end entirely well.

Invited on to talk about Trump’s response to the George Floyd protests, it descended into a slanging match in which Morgan said Giuliani was ‘completely mad’ and Guiliani called Morgan a ‘failed journalist’.

And that wasn’t even the half of it.

Lots of people thought this.

But lots of other people reckoned this.

Here are just some of the other things people were saying about it after the exchange went wildly viral (and prompted lots of debate whether Guiliani said ‘stuffed up’ or ‘f-ed’ up).

But our favourite comment was probably this one.


In short, this …



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