The YouTube tips channel for people without dads is giving people feelings

Rob Kenney’s dad walked out on him and his seven siblings when Rob was just 14 years old, so he knows what it’s like to do without the kind of guidance that often comes from a father figure.

He told that his mother had turned to alcohol due to the stress of her life, so his 23-year-old brother became his stand-in parent.

Now a married father of two happy adults, Rob is the brains – and the brawn – behind the YouTube channel “Dad, how do I?”

Photographer and filmmaker Faisal ‘Tre’ Shah told Twitter about the resource.

The channel aims to fill a gap for young adults growing up without having a dad to show them things like how to fasten a tie, how to shave and a whole range of basic maintenance skills.

Mums can totally teach their children this stuff, and often do, but the guy’s heart is clearly in the right place.

The story hit people right in the feels.

Faisal did a bit of digging and found this subreddit, where people can post stuff to get a bit of that unconditional praise that mums are often so good at.

There might be something in our eyes again.

Rob’s YouTube channel now has more than a million subscribers, at the time of writing, largely thanks to Faisal giving it a push, and he shared this lovely thank you video.

Good to see he does dad jokes as well as repairs.


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Source Faisal ‘Tre’ Shah Image Faisal ‘Tre’ Shah @kellysikkema on Unsplash