This Costco customer got totally owned for her criticism of their coronavirus safety policy

The US had barely gone into lockdown before mass protest gatherings began, so it’s no surprise that some people object strongly to being asked to cover their faces in public.

The wholesale chain, Costco, has a mandatory mask policy to protect its staff and customers, but one of those customers objected.

In a now-deleted post, the woman – identified only as “Sharon” – put this on Facebook:

What happened next turned up in the subreddit forum, Murdered by Words, and that’s exactly the place for it.

The account calling her out is a parody, unsurprisingly, but the point still stands, and the real Costco account was inundated with supportive remarks, such as

“Thank you for requiring masks! I can’t wait to renew my membership for another year and continue to support you because you treat your employees well, you treat your customers well and now you have shown to make sensible, responsible and needed decisions in light of the coronavirus pandemic,”

Whoever is running Costco‘s social media needs a damn pay raise because holy moly those replies to Karen (Sharon) were #savageAF,

“I’ve never had a Costco membership. About to sign up!”

In fact, Costco’s policy is completely in line with the Center for Disease Control’s advice, so Sharon may struggle to find a company that doesn’t demand masks.


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