This must be the best Gal Gadot choir parody we’ll see – and hear

Internet comedian Jack Douglass records parodies, sketches and even the news in haikus, which he posts to his various social media accounts, and he’s a very funny man.

His most recent video is probably the best parody we’ve seen of the well-intentioned but unfortunate post by Gal Gadot and her celebrity friends, who sang John Lennon’s Imagine.

Jack went with *checks notes* Smash Mouth’s All Star, to the tune of Imagine.

That works far better than we’d have imagined.

While the YouTube video has been attracting a fair amount of attention, he also posted the recording to Twitter, where it really took off, resulting in more than three million views in three days.

It’s picked up a lot of love, alongside the views.

Probably the best endorsement was this:

No shape of an ‘L’ on Jack’s forehead.


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