This man’s painting of a banana in an aluminium container is so real it’s blowing people’s minds

This really is next level art, a picture shared on Reddit by udi90007 who says ‘I painted a banana in an aluminium container. Oilpaint on a flat (but not rectangular) panel, finished today.’

And it’s just amazing because, well, have a look at it yourself.

And, like us, lots of people were struggling to get their heads round it.

‘I’m still somehow convinced that it is a giant banana in an aluminium container.’ julietsnotdeadyet

‘Or a normal banana in a tin next to a tiny person.’ TannedCroissant

‘Needs a banana for scale.’ stendec25

‘Wait. I’m sorry but has the depth also been painted??? Cause if so, that’s what‘s really bananas here.’ ghostmostly



This video showing the amazing level of detail in this painting is just extraordinary

Source Reddit u/udi90007