This video showing the amazing level of detail in this painting is just extraordinary

First time you watch this you’ll be amazed by it, and then you’ll have to go back again (and again) to make sure it’s real.

It’s a video showing the level of detail in this painting and it’s just next level stuff.

The amazing level of detail in this painting from r/nextfuckinglevel

Socks knocked off.

‘I kept expecting it to stop zooming out, but it didn’t.’ SomeKrazyFool

‘Back in school I used to put big M’s and little M’s in the sky to show depth using birds.’ chassisgator

‘Unpopular opinion: All that talent and buddy paints something a camera could replicate? I don’t get it.. Then again, I can barely draw stick people.’ furballhero

‘Yeah, photorealism is definitely a show of superb skill, and I respect them for it, but it feels like there’s barely any creative input from the painter. It doesn’t feel like “art”, but instead a showcase of skills. It just feels to me that they’re basically human cameras.’ Zephyr93

‘I need to know where I can find a brush this small.’ Daregmaze

‘In your pants.’ plolops


This amazing tiger sculpture made out of Tunnocks Teacake wrappers really takes the biscuit

Source Reddit u/t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6