A Christmas advert reuniting E.T. and Elliott is giving people feelings

There’s something about Christmas that makes advertisers pull out all the stops to tug at customers’ heartstrings – oh, yes …shameless commercialism is that something. If the redemption of a dangerously combustible mythical creature didn’t get you where it hurts, this Sky advert might just manage it. Watch and weep.

The reunion of Steven Spielberg’s lovable extra-terrestrial with his buddy, Elliott, has got people sniffling into their Christmas lists. That’s right, Karen. You haven’t rung your mum for two months because you’re too busy but you’re crying actual tears because they got the puppet out of mothballs to sell WiFi. These reactions show how well it’s gone down.

Understandably, the advert gave some people mixed feelings.

You can watch the slightly longer and more heart-melting version here.

ET Skype home.

Source: Sky UK, YouTube Image: Sky UK, Twitter

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