A Brexit party MEP challenged a fellow MEP over her economics credentials and her answer is glorious

We confess we hadn’t come across Robert Rowland before, the Brexit Party MEP for the south-east of England who is busy campaigning against the ‘Brexit betrayal’.

We only mention him because of this rather fabulous exchange in the European parliament when he challenged fellow MEP, the Green Party’s Molly Scott Cato, over her economic credentials.

And the full extent of her reply is definitely worth waiting for.

And here’s the exchange in full.

Robert Rowland: ‘I’d just like to ask Mrs Scott Cato … what empirical proof she has that the end of the transition period when we will be leaving the European Union – hopefully on a Canada-plus style trade deal – will result in a cliff edge when as far as I am aware she does not have any degree in economics, maybe she has some business experience that will give some empirical proof that that will be the case.

‘Why are you so certain that the United Kingdom will suffer as a result?’

Molly Scott Cato: ‘Obviously you have not been paying much attention to my CV because I was and I remain a professor of economics. I also have expertise in trade policy and have been studying the trade negotiations from the beginning

‘I rely on the expertise of other trade experts all of whom have said it takes much longer than the time available to negotiate a treaty. And the likelihood is if we go ahead with Boris Johnson’s deal we will end up in exactly the same crisis facing a no-deal Brexit at the end of 2020.’

What’s the world we’re looking for? Oh yes. Owned.


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