This woman on Tinder is offering ‘packages’ for people going home alone on Thanksgiving

Meet Sam, a 28 y/o woman who is offering a series of Thanksgiving packages for people who haven’t got a special someone to take home to their parents for Thanksgiving.

‘I guess I’m not going home alone for Thanksgiving after all,’ said Redditor MyLifeMyLemons.

And it prompted some very funny responses.

RCL_D: ‘You know, I would ask everybody to all put together 150 dollars. Invite her over and stage the most fucked up thanksgiving dinner. Drama, passion and violence. And only serve dry bread, cause that is our tradition.’

GrossMisconduct1994: ‘What if I’m looking for the iron IV package though?’

vidyavocado: ‘Iron IV ($0 + a to-go plate)

‘drinks too much

‘pukes on the dinner table

‘encourages your racist uncle.’

Luke5119: ‘Bronze ($50 + a plate)

‘1 hour

‘Start hitting on your brother

‘Polish off a bottle of wine in the first 30 mins.’


This woman’s Tinder profile escalates quickly, very quickly indeed

Source Reddit