A pregnant doctor overheard this in an antenatal clinic’s waiting room and people were facepalming into next week

‘My friend is a pregnant doctor,’ begins Redditor achybreakyballs. ‘This is what she overheard when she went to the antenatal clinic today.’

Good lots indeed!

‘Doesn’t sound like they even know what caused the pregnancy in the first place! SMH!!!’ said badassmamabear.

Still, it could have been worse (we think).

‘A sex expert who was a guest on a podcast talked about married couples going to their pastor or Mormom bishop saying they are having trouble conceiving, said badassmamabear. ‘When asked what they’ve tried, they say “we lie next to each other every night and pray, but god still hadn’t given us a baby.” They have no idea of how babies are made.’


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Source Reddit u/achybreakyballs