These 2 people tried the same joke on Tinder and one went better than the other, much better

It goes without saying that more than one person is going to try the same joke on Tinder. But it also goes without saying that the same joke won’t always get the same reaction.

As was rather marvellously demonstrated by these two exchanges shared on Reddit, which begin very similarly but end very differently. Very differently indeed.

First up, there’s this, from UsernameNonExistent.

And then, well, and then there was this, which was much more fun for us than it was for them. From Asero119.

Better luck next time?

‘Well you succeeded at finding out she’s stupid,’ said TIRBU6ONA.

Or maybe this.

SoloWhoa: ‘Plot twist: she knew what you were doing and acted aloof to make you unmatch.’


This woman’s Tinder profile escalates quickly, very quickly indeed

Source Reddit u/UsernameNonExistent u/Asero119