This student’s text exchange with his entitled parents takes a scary but ultimately very satisfying turn

There’s a sub Reddit called ‘insane parents’ which is full of stories of parents who (probably) thought they were doing the right thing but they really, really weren’t.

And this is a classic of the genre, a text exchange shared by Redditor them0rning, a 20 y/o who is off to university and had to put up with this.

And it got everyone cheering.

‘This is satisfying to read,’ said charliemayy. ‘It was satisfying to type too,’ replied the original poster, them0rning.

‘I’m a mom of older kids and I say WELL DONE! Got your ducks in a row and took control and told her how it was gonna be. I’m not trying to sound patronizing, but good job!’ added Ceralt.

them0rning: ‘Hearing “Well done” from a mum is pretty comforting actually, even it isn’t my own lmao’


Welcome to the truly awful and entitled world of ‘Highgate Mums’

Source: Reddit Image: Unsplash