Welcome to the truly awful and entitled world of ‘Highgate Mums’



The twitter account @HighgateMums posts things overheard from the ladies who brunch, the women who drive their 4×4’s to the organic supermarket, and the mums who suffer real first world problems. They also retweet things overheard from their followers. And the population think people in London are elitist.

Here are some of our favourites.

1. Heroes are born

2. Of course

3. Friends in high places

4. Perfect

5. “Mummy what is a scratch card?”

6. What

7. Ah that smooth taste of Japan

8. A fair comparison

9. Exactly that yes

10. Priorities

11. Lucky Alexander

12. Don’t forget the acute for fucks sake

13. Ah the days of school sushi

14. It annoys everyone really

15. oh.


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