Even Brits love this hilarious song about why the Spanish “hate” them

With Brexit looming, EU residents in the UK being messed about, and too much European political energy being wasted trying to fend off backstop complaints from Boris Johnson, the entire EU community could be forgiven for being sick to death of the UK. However, in this brilliantly adapted version of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’, Spanish-Welsh comedian Ignacio Lopez shows that Spain already had plenty of reasons to dislike the Brits.

You can’t go wrong with lyrics like

“Local food it don’t mean shit.
They’d rather just eat chips.”

We have a feeling they’d stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

With almost 3000 retweets and close to 300 replies, these reactions are a taste of what people think of being caught bang to rights Ignacio’s ditty.

On a day when her bandmate hasn’t exactly done the brand any favours, Bucks Fizz’ Cheryl Baker – the nice one – shows us she has a great sense of humour.

Source: @comedylopez Images: @comedylopez, News Gravity screengrab

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