A vegan accused a meat-eater of appropriating veganism by enjoying tofu and got entirely the responses you’d expect

Most people are pretty easy going with what other people choose to eat, unless they choose to knock on your door at 11pm at night to raid your fridge.

Some people, however, feel really, really passionate about it, and into this last category falls this vegan woman who wasn’t impressed when an acquaintance who enjoyed her tofu recipe.

The exchange of messages was uploaded to Reddit and, well, this is how it went.

Not for nothing was it uploaded to the ‘gatekeeping’ subreddit, defined as ‘when someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity’.

An all-time classic example of its type. And 3 of our favourite comments it prompted …


This vegan ‘prank’ caused outrage and people’s furious responses just made the whole thing even better

Source: BoredPanda Image: Unsplash

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