Man gets schooled on his knowledge of history – boasts about his 500+ history books

We all know the internet is full of nonsense – some of it dangerous nonsense, like anti-vax propaganda, some of it harmless nonsense, like cats photoshopped into Jurassic Park. This particular exchange showed how some of the nonsense is generated by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, but decide to hold forth anyway.


This is the viral post, shared by historian, Katrina Gulliver.

Let’s consider the usual internet know-it-all rules, shall we:

Unsolicited intervention? Check!

Completely wrong? Check!

Male? Check!

Brags about something even though they’ve made a tit of themselves? Check!

The post has close to 115,000 likes and more than 18,000 retweets, with these responses being among the best we saw, out of a couple of thousand.

Tom Nichols, an actual expert on Russia had this to say.

Well, quite! Mr 500 Books ticked another box relating to idiotic men on the internet.


Try not to all rush over there at once.

H/T: Katrina Gulliver

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