A guy mansplained labia to a woman after she mocked this outfit and the takedowns were brutal

Mansplainer of the week award goes to this guy who took it upon himself to explain the ins and outs of the female anatomy – specifically, the labia – to this woman who mocked this ridiculous outfit.

Jezebel writer Ashley Reese took this piece of ‘clothing’ to task, suggesting “the red Here For Fun Bodysuit (also available in an equally cooch-defying black) may result in a trip to the gynecologist.”

And you don’t have to be a woman to see exactly where she’s coming from. Except this chap, well, this chap wasn’t happy. Not happy at all, in a comment on the piece highlighted on Twitter by Emily Pratt.

And here’s what he had to say.

Well that’s her (and every other woman) told.

Here’s what the writer of the piece, Ashley Reese, had to say later.

And here are just a few of our other favourite responses.

Some people, however thought the guy might have a point.

But most people agreed with this person.


This chap tried to mansplain the difference between vulva and vagina and the takedowns were brutal


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