This ice-cream seller’s “sexy” performance will make you cringe so hard

A lot of people made an extra effort on International Women’s Day, this year. Some told women’s stories or highlighted existing injustices against women and girls – Richard Herring drew attention to his fundraiser for the domestic violence charity, Refuge, by replying to the men asking “When is it International Men’s Day?” – 19th November, in case you were wondering.

Ice cream maker, The Ice Cream Man, or @bubbaice on TikTok, honoured International Women’s Day by making a Nutella and Oreo Pan-n-Ice – that’s an ice-cream made on a freezing pan, to you and me.

“Ice-cream makes you sexy, guys!”

No. No, it doesn’t – it makes you diabetic. I won’t lie, though – that ice-cream looks tempting, but not as tempting as The Ice Cream Man seems to think he is. It wasn’t immediately clear how an ice-cream would help women – apart from hungry or hot women, perhaps.

Most people were just a bit taken aback at his performance.

Perhaps he was simply channeling a fictional character.

It’s the only explanation.