Peter Serafinowicz has brilliantly imagined Sassy Trump talking to Jim Acosta

Actor Peter Serafinowicz is a master of voices, with a range of accents and styles in his locker that any voice artist would find enviable. He also has a brilliant comedic instinct, which he sometimes puts to good use by redubbing Trump’s actual words in a more “sassy” voice, which beautifully highlights the absurdity of what the petulant president is saying.

In his latest edit, he has given us a glimpse of Sassy Trump facing CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, who has been denied access to the White House after a trumped-up charge of assault.

It’s only been online for a matter of hours and has already had almost 16,000 views. As a little bonus, here’s a clip of Sassy Trump trying to use a speakerphone.

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