The brilliant Peter Serafinowicz has redubbed Donald Trump’s debate replies with a sassy voice

Actor, comedian and master of many accents, Peter Serafinowicz, is no stranger to giving new voices to Donald Trump, having previously  imagined how he might sound after elocution lessons, if he spoke like Homer Simpson or Bill Cosby, as a ‘tough guy’ and as a Cockney.  His latest outing, part of a series he has named ‘Sassy Trump‘, sees the presidential hopeful answering Anderson Cooper‘s question about his tweeting habits.  The words are all Trump‘s own, which just makes this whole thing even funnier.

The video has been viewed more than 50,000 times in just two days.

As YouTube user shlibber commented,

Hey that’s the next president of the younited states you’re talking about buster. Or a mentally Ill man-child or possibly both. We live in strange times, president Trump? Perhaps I’m just hallucinating, is Donald Trump actually running for president? or is the whole thing just a bad acid trip?”

And Nuclear Future added “This Voice is way more fitting. If he would talk like this people would notice how stupid he is.”

If only …

If you liked that, and why wouldn’t you, check out Peter‘s partially musical redubbing of that apology:

Source: YouTube