This comedy ‘faceplant’ has been making everyone’s day better

The video of this most unfortunate faceplant (is it still a faceplant if you don’t actually fall over? Correct us in the comments) has been making everyone’s day better over on Reddit.

It’s not entirely what it seems, as you might have guessed by now, but if the faceplant wasn’t genuine then the reaction of the people watching certainly was.

‘I believed it till she glitched out.’

‘Right! It looks as though one of her chips fried out and rerouted.’

‘It’s obviously fake, but it appears the purpose of the video is to record people’s reactions to the prank, not for you to believe she ran into the glass by accident.

‘This would explain why the recorders were laughing beforehand, why she braced, and why the reactions of the onlookers look genuine.’

‘It’s from a German prank show. The girl is an actor, and the couple two random people. So the “stunt” is staged but their reaction genuine.’

It got us thinking about Game For A Laugh, which in turn got us thinking about this brilliant sketch from Not The Nine O’Clock News.


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Source Reddit u/MasterShifu_2